About Us

The Nicholas Academic Centers (NAC) is an after-school tutoring and mentoring program started in Santa Ana, California. The centers are a safe and nurturing place where high school students can seek academic services, emotional support, mentoring and social services as they prepare to pursue their educational goals at an institution of higher learning.
Established in 2008 by Dr. Henry T. Nicholas, III in partnership with retired Judge Jack K. Mandel, the NAC strives to provide academic assistance, social services, cultural enrichment programs, college connection opportunities, and need based scholarship opportunities for students who meet the program requirements.  With highly qualified staff in Academics, Higher Education, and Social Services, students have access to the resources necessary to graduate from high school and continue onto college. The NAC provides continued support and services to its graduates during the college years to ensure students graduate from college.
Services provided by the NAC are made possible through the generosity of Dr. Henry T. Nicholas, III and the Henry T. Nicholas, III Foundation. We would not be able to work with as many students without their support.