Our Mission


The mission of the Nicholas Academic Centers is to provide support to underserved high school students to improve their academic performance, achieve their full scholarly and social potential, promote their admission to colleges and universities, retention, and graduation, and to impart the skills and knowledge necessary for them to live successful and productive lives.

Fulfillment of Mission

To fulfill its mission, the NAC implements a myriad of strategies through its Academic Services, Mentoring & Social Services, College Access, and College Success departments. The Academic Services department provides academic advice, tutoring, learning activities, standardized test preparation, and pre-college placement services throughout students’ high school years. The Mentoring and Social Services Department provides mental health counseling, leadership programming, social service projects, and parent support services that strengthen student’s mental, emotional, and social skills. The College Access Department provides college preparation, matching, application, financial aid, and selection services to ensure students enroll into colleges and universities across the country. The College Success Department mentors and supports program alumni through their collegiate journey through tele-mentoring, campus visits, retention advocacy, academic support, and college-to career transition services and programming to assist students with the ability to successfully graduate college. Additionally, the Nicholas Academic Centers awards over $2 million dollars in annual scholarships to alumni from the program to assist them with removing financial barriers that may impede their ability to succeed in college.