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Jack K Mandel– Chairman of the Board– Hon. Jack K Mandel, Ret. Judge Jack K. Mandel is a graduate of Allegheny college, has a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Master’s Degree in Oriental Studies from the University of Arizona. He served as a Captain in the United States Air Force (JAGD) at the beginning of the Vietnam war. He was a trial lawyer for 19 years and a Superior Court Judge for 19 years (1981-2000). For ten years he was on the faculty of the California State Judicial College (CJER) (1983-1992). He has been a private judge doing Mediation and Arbitration from 2001 to the present (JAMS).Dr. Earl Fuller After entering college in 1953, Earl Fuller entered medical school in 1956 and graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1960. He interned at the Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago and did residencies at the University of Illinois Research and Educational Hospitals until 1964.

After moving his wife and four children to Fullerton in 1964, Dr. Fuller practiced Obstetrics and Gynecology until 1996. He has been an Assistant Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of California, Irvine. Dr. Fuller currently serves as the Gynecologist of Lestonnac Free Clinic in Orange on Tuesdays.

James Jackman: Hon. James Jackman, Ret. Orange County Superior –After 20 years of presiding over a diverse array of cases, Judge Jackman retired from Orange County Superior Court in July of 2000. Since then, he has received accolades for his ability to effectively resolve disputes as a Mediator, Arbitrator and Private Judge. Attorneys and parties have enjoyed Judge Jackman’s friendly, down-to-earth, patient, kind and caring approach to mediation and arbitration. In mediation, he works incredibly hard and perseveres to assist every party with whom he works by guiding them to reach a expeditious and equitable resolution by means of creative and innovative solutions to the obstacles of settlement. In arbitration, his thorough review of submitted materials, sharp, insightful comprehension of the issues, thoughtfulness and ability to keep things moving while allowing attorneys to present their cases has resulted in his reputation for consistently rendering fair, well-reasoned opinions, pleasing plaintiffs and defendants alike. One trial lawyer commented that “Judge Jackman is a wonderful human being who loves what he’s doing, and my client and I felt that long before he got our case settled for a healthy seven figure amount.” Another attorney said “He effectively encourages settlement in such a way that the parties eventually feel that it represents a glorious achievement, rather than a disappointing compromise.”

James P. Gray: Hon. James P. Gray Orange County Superior CourtAfter graduating from UCLA, James P. Gray served as a Volunteer in the Peace Corps in the small town of Palmar Norte, Costa Rica teaching physical education and health from 1966 to 1968. Then after his graduation from law school from USC, served as a criminal defense attorney in the Navy at the USNaval Air Station in Guam and the Naval Air Station in Lemoore, California from 1972 to 1975.

After working as a federal prosecutor in Los Angeles and then in a private law firm in Newport Beach, Jim Gray was appointed as a judge of the Municipal Court in Santa Ana at the end of 1983, and then was elevated to the Superior Court bench in 1989. Judge Gray was a founder of the Orange County Peer Court program with the Constitutional Rights Foundation, which takes real juvenile court cases to local high schools to present to high school student jurors; an Inn of Court chapter, which has been named after his father, and which encourages ethics, camaraderie and excellence in the professional practice of law; and the Association of Former United States Attorneys.

He has also received numerous awards and distinctions for his community service, including being named Judge of the Year by the Business Litigation Section of the Orange County Bar Association, having the annual Judge of the Year Award named after him by the Orange County Chapter of the Constitutional Rights Foundation, the Judge of the Year Award by the Orange County Bar Foundation, and being the recipient of honorary Doctor of Laws degrees both from the Western State University College of Law, and the Chapman University College of Law.

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