Community Partners


Throughout the years the NAC has had the opportunity to develop partnerships with organizations in the community. Our community partners have provided community service opportunities and workshops for NAC Scholars. They have help us teach NAC Scholars the importance of service, leadership and being socially and culturally aware. Community partners have helped us improve the lives of our students and families. Some of our partnerships include : Share our Selves (S.O.S.), Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino County (P.P.O.S.B.C.), Human Options, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (C.H.I.R.L.A.), Santa Ana Police Department (S.A.P.D.) and Child Abuse Prevention Center.

Vanir Group: Doreen Dominguez, C.E.O. and Chairwomam of Vanir Group of Companies, has opened the doors of the Vanir Tower in Los Angeles to welcome NAC scholars. Every year Doreen, invites NAC scholars for special evening where students learn about the University of Notre Dame. The event gives NAC scholars an opportunity to ask questions about college and careers within the engineering field.

College Spring:CollegeSpring is an organization that partners with schools and their teachers to make high-quality test preparation a reality for every student. CollegeSpring has helped ensure  NAC Scholars are college ready by providing SAT testing support. Every week before the SAT exam, CollegeSpring Mentors  help our scholars prepare for teh SAT by proving them with the tools and resources needed to score high on then exams.

Heid Foundation:

Share our Selves: Share our Selves (SOS) is a non-profit, community agency that offers comprehensive services to the community, including: health, mental health, social services, and seasonal programs. Since 2012, the NAC has had a partnership with SOS. Our NAC Scholars and their families have benefited from the services that SOS offers. In past years, NAC Scholars and their families have also been part of SOS’s seasonal programs, such as Thanksgiving Donation Bags, Back-to-School donations, and Adopt-A-Family. SOS has also granted volunteer opportunities for our NAC Scholars throughout the years.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund: Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino County (PPOSBC) is a non-profit, non-partisan group that offers high quality, affordable health care and sexual health education to our communities. Since 2012, the NAC has had a partnership with PPOSBC. Our NAC Scholars and their families have benefited from services, such as educational workshops and Peer Educator Trainings. PPOSBC staff has presented to our parents and NAC Scholars on healthy/safe dating, child communication, AIDS awareness, safe sex practices, and sexually transmitted infections/diseases, to name a few.

Human Options: Human Options is a non-profit agency that provides housing and life changing programs for abused women, their children and families. Human Options also works with the community by bringing awareness on ending the cycle of violence. Since 2012, the NAC has had a partnership with Human Options. Our NAC Scholars and their families have benefited from services, such as: parent and student education workshops focusing on safe dating. This past winter, Human Options introduced a series of workshops, Safe Dates, to NAC Scholars. Safe Dates focused on safe dating knowledge, the cycle of violence, identifying red flags in relationships, and identifying abuse.

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA): CHIRLA is a social services agency based out of Los Angeles that works with the immigrant community. Since 2015, CHIRLA has partnered up with NAC and has presented to our youth and parents on immigrant rights.

Santa Ana Police Department (SAPD): Since 2012, the SAPD has worked in collaboration with the NAC youth and their families. Not only has the SAPD opened up their doors for our students to tour the station, but they have come out to participate in the NAC’s monthly career speaker series and have provided mentorship to our current students and our alumni.

Child Abuse Prevention Center: The Child Abuse Prevention Center is a non-profit organization that brings awareness to the community on ending and preventing child abuse through their early intervention programs. Since 2012, NAC Scholars and their families have benefited from programming such as parent and teen educational workshops. Our NAC Scholars volunteer for Child Abuse Prevention Center every year during the Santa’s Elves seasonal program.