Apply to be a NAC Scholar

Ready to become a NAC Scholar?

In order to become a NAC Scholar, you must submit a completed NAC Application. You can access the application by pressing the button below or by coming to one of the three centers located in Santa Ana, CA.

There are three components to the NAC application. First, prospective students must fill out the application which includes students information and permission slip forms. Next, students must complete the two essay at the end of the application. The word count for each essay must not exceed 500 words. Lastly, students must provide unofficial transcripts and parent/legal guardian income verification. Our program targets students who come from low-income homes and who are First-Generation (All applicants will be asked to provide income verification)

Prospective students ready to submit their application must turn it in to the center they wish to apply. When turning in the application students must be aware that if the application is not complete their application cannot be processed and therefore will not be put on the waitlist. All components of the application must be completed. Additionally, each center has their own waitlist, therefore the application must be turned in to the center the student plans on attending.

Once the application has been turned in and processed, students must wait until they have been admitted. A NAC staff member will call the admitted students informing them of the mandatory New Student Orientation ( N.S.O.).

While we do have a waitlist we encourage all students to apply!