College Partners

The NAC’s dedication to ensure that NAC Scholars continue their education and graduate from college has been possible due to college partnerships. Aside from having college admissions representatives come to the NAC centers to talk to students, colleges such as Chapman University, Morningside College, UCI and CSUF provide extra resources to NAC Scholars, Alumni and parents.

Our oldest college partnership, Morningside College, enrolls NAC Alumni in the Student Success Program. This program has and continues to help NAC Alumni at Morning adjust to the college environment. Student receive constant emotional and academic support from the program in order to commit themselves to graduating from Morningside.

For more than 5 years Chapman University has been giving monthly college lectures to NAC scholars. Additionally, Chapman holds a parent event in where the NAC parents are invited to attend and learn more about Chapman and how their children can attend private schools.

At University of California Irvine (U.C.I.) the Chancellor holds a special welcome for NAC Alumni. This gives the opportunity for students to not only connect with the chancellor, but to begin building their network. The welcome luncheon provides students with the moment to ask any questions about UCI.

Our most recent partnership has been with Cal State University of Fullerton. NAC Alumni who attend CSUF are automatically enrolled in the Center for Scholars Program. The center for scholar’s programs goals is to help first generation low income students graduate CSUF within 4 years. NAC Alumni in the program are matched with an advisor that ensures they are on track with their graduation requirements, are talking advantage for the opportunities offered on campus and provides them a physical space in which students can come in and hang out. In addition during the Fall and Spring the NAC CSS department and The Center for Scholars have a luncheon with NAC Alumni to present them with the different opportunities they can take advantage of during their time at CSUF.

These four partnership are a few of the colleges and universities that have decided to partner with the NAC. Many others like the University of Notre dame and Allegheny College provide outstanding services to NAC Scholars and Alumni.