After NAC scholars graduate from high school they officially become NAC Alumni. Statistics demonstrate that over the last 4 years 75% of NAC Alumni have successfully enrolled in a 4 year university. During that same period of time the retention rate for NAC Alumni at 4 year institutions is 93%. That is 15% more than the national average of 78%. 82% of NAC Alumni complete their Baccalaureate Degree within 6 years in comparison to the national rate of 54%. Moreover, NAC Alumni have obtained over 45.3 million dollars in scholarships and grants.

With 899 NAC Alumni across the US continue to embody the qualities of a NAC Scholar. With 90% of the NAC Alumni being first generation there are many adversities that come their way. However the resilience of NAC Alumni has successfully motivated to not only attend college but to ensure that they are succeeding academically and socially.