NAC Senior, Sandra Parra, Earns a Place in UCLA’s Department of World Arts & Cultures

It’s true that many talented and driven individuals pass through the NAC halls on their way to success in the realm of higher education, but we are especially proud of NAC senior, Sandra Parra, for pursuing her goals and dancing her way into UCLA. In the fall, UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures will welcome Sandra in what we’re sure will be the start of an amazing college experience.  The NAC recently interviewed Sandra to get her perspective on getting into UCLA.
NAC: What interested you about UCLA’s program over some other programs?
Sandra: UCLA’s dance program captivated me because the department is titled “World Arts and Cultures”. The name of the program reflects exactly what I want in a dance program – exposure to every dance style created all around the world, and the possibility of performing and collaborating with dancers locally and worldwide.
NAC: Did you apply to many programs?
Sandra: I auditioned for the dance department at UCI as well; however, I identified more with the liberal atmosphere present in the audition at UCLA.
NAC: What was the process for getting an audition?
Sandra: The process for getting an audition required each dancer to apply to UCLA by the November deadline and submit the supplements, which included transcripts, letters of recommendation from my counselor and coach, a resume of my dance background, and an essay.
NAC: How did you prepare for the audition?
Sandra: I prepared for the audition by creating a dance solo, which was required for the audition. I stretched and stretched and worked on my stage presence, as well as dominating my stage fright.
NAC: What was the most difficult part for you to deal with?
Sandra: The most difficult part to deal with was feeling content with the solo I had prepared. In the audition, especially one in which over a hundred other amazing dancers were competing, I strived for originality and creativity in the creation of my solo.
NAC: How did you find out you were accepted?
Sandra: After receiving my acceptance into UCLA via email, it was vague on whether or not I had been accepted as a dance major as well. I immediately emailed the Arts Department for either a rejection or confirmation, and I was blessed with a confirmation into the program.
NAC: What did you do when you found out?
Sandra: I jumped until I could touch the ceiling with my fingertips and I screamed from joy and astonishment. I told my mom, then my boyfriend, my coach, and my counselor. That night, I couldn’t even sleep. I thanked God for such a tremendous blessing.
NAC: What’s next for you regarding the acceptance?
Sandra: There is no doubt I will be attending UCLA in the fall; however, now my family and I face the high cost of attending such a marvelous institute. I have applied to multiple scholarships, but I am still in searching for more financial aid.
Expect great things when Sandra begins her college adventure.

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